Why is it important to develop projects in SAP?

  1. Access the SAP product improvements and strengthen your business

  2. Keep your system profitability

  3. Keep SAP support validity over installed products

  4. Take full advantage of the investment in SAP

Why Choose iXolve Projects ?


We believe that the sum of the parts coordinated are the most valuable argument for the success of a project. In this way we give prime importance to the interaction with the various working groups, creating an environment aligned to the goals.


We prepare and share a knowledge base with change controls, activities’ documentation, issue logging and various content for our customers to be constantly informed about the progress of their project.

Vast range of solutions

We cover a broad spectrum of services, from the installation of the entire range of SAP, Enhancement Packages, Support Package appliance and SAP technical upgrade version and Database to Unicode conversions, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous copies, SAP projects Lanscape Transformation, SAP Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) and configuration of all SAP Solution Manager services.

Technical lead experience

Our staff has not only participated in the executive side of the implementations, but also as technical leaders on Basis teams. This gives us solidity to the challenge of guiding the project into a collaborative climate, responsible and friendly.

Accurate estimation of resources and time

A wrong estimation directly impacts the path stipulated by the company and can seriously affect their business plans. In iXolve we trace projects with clear and concretables objectives, accurately defining responsible for each task, with focus in avoiding any possible diversion.

Multiplatform experience

We have installed and upgraded all SAP solutions across multiple operating systems and database combinations: Windows, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, OS/400, OS/390, Oracle, MS SQL, DB2 , MaxDB.

Stages’ speeding up and parallelization

We know the feasible shortcuts between different implementation possibilities, minimizing downtimes and total project times, without compromising its success.

Appropriate sizing

We measure correctly the hardware capabilities needed to carry out their project. Estimating higher than the required hardware involves a disproportionate investment while the opposite seriously affects the quality of the proposed solution.

Project Management

We manage projects supported by our ability to lead and sustained from the methodologies recommended by PMI, with clear definitions of objectives, continuous control and efficient resource dedication.

Developing contingency plans

The goal is the correct implementation of the designed, but if some important phase were to fail, we have alternative plans to safeguard the integrity of the systems and the entire project.

Integration with functional teams

We know the activities to be performed by the functional teams during the stages of an implementation, allowing us to accompany and assist them in their needs.

Quality Assurance

Whether we execute the project or not, we have specialists in QA function, to ensure that no area of the planned solution is left out of the standard of excellence.


  1. Hours recruitment for specific tasks

  2. Basis consultancy for Implementations and Upgrades

  3. Comprehensive project management

  4. QA Role

  5. Support during and after deployment

  6. Meetings and conferences for advance status, incidents, redefinitions, etc.

  7. Delivery of specialized documentation